Press release

MSI Update for Media


We’re still basking in the thrill of the LoL Esports Spring Split competition, and are very eager for the
2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational to begin May 10-29 in Busan, Korea. While we plan to make the best of a challenging situation, given we’ve had to reduce the field to 11 teams (sans LCL) while one team (RNG) will need to compete remotely, we’re confident that MSI will be another celebration of what makes League of Legends Esports unique and special.

We continue to take steps back into live events, and therefore we have prioritized providing the best media experience possible given the COVID-19 constraints. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to do with our virtual media experience, which has clearly broadened the coverage of pro players, teams, and our global events. Like you, however, we look forward to the day when we can all work closely together on-site to more deeply share our sport with our fans.

I’m excited to share that we will welcome media back on-site at MSI, albeit a limited number with no direct access to the players. Hopefully, however, by the time we hit Worlds 2022 in the Fall, things will open up even more, and we can provide on-site media access directly to players and teams.

While we will not be able to provide in-person interviews, we are offering media seats in the Bexco Exhibition Hall 1 and access to a media workroom that we will build and provide for on-site media during the Rumble (May 20-24) and Knockout (May 27-29) Stages. We are currently TBD regarding the Group stage at the Busan Esports Arena.

Please do note that health and safety protocols may change at any time throughout the tournament, and traveling to attend in-person therefore is at your own risk. Attending MSI in person will not affect participation in interviews throughout the tournament, as the virtual media experience that we’ve worked with you to execute and enhance over the past two+ years will be available whether you’re on-site or calling in from your own workspace. To be clear, media working on-site even in the workroom will need to call in on Zoom for interviews along with everyone else.

Your Riot Games regional PR representative will be in contact regarding on-site attendance opportunities. We will evaluate all on-site submission requests and alert you if on-site access is available to you. 

Additionally, we hope to hold a Media Day on a day leading into the Knockouts. Exact day/time/format/access to be shared as soon as possible.

Through our virtual media experience, you will be able to request interviews 24 hours in advance during the tournament via the online system utilized at MSI 2021 and Worlds 2021. Reach out to your Riot Games regional Comms/PR contact, or Ariel West and Joanne Kang with any questions. Ari and Joanne will be on-site (Joanne early for Groups and Rumble, Ari through Groups and Knockouts) while Erica Hebert and I will be managing from the U.S. 

We appreciate your continued support and coverage of our sport. Enjoy MSI!

David Higdon, Global Head of Communications, Esports, Riot Games