Press release

Mercedes-Benz sponsors the 2020 All-Star Event - Drops, in-game loot, and exclusive insights behind the scenes

During Worlds, we released the Mercedes-Benz Hextech Chest quizzes and we were humbled to see that it was well received by the worldwide LoL fan community. More than 329,000 people played over 3.72 million quizzes at that time.  Mercedes-Benz is now relaunching the quiz, with added value for the League of Legends community at the 2020 All-Star Event. In the new quiz, esports fans can test their LoL skills with many exciting questions about the All-Star Event and win popular in-game items in the form of branded Masterwork Chests.  During the “Superstar Showdown” on Saturday and Sunday, fans also will have the chance to win in-game loot via ​Drops ​ , the digital reward system. ​Drops ​ will be announced on the social media channels of LoL Esports and Mercedes-Benz Sports, so be on the look out. Before and during the event, Mercedes-Benz also will release a new key visual and a 30-second hero clip.

Mercedes-Benz presents the Drive To Victory
During this weekend’s "Superstar Showdown," influencers, former and current professional players from the four largest League of Legends regions (LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS) will face off in a series of matches. The crowning glory of those two match days will be the All-Star matches between current professional players. Directly after the final games, Mercedes-Benz will present the Drive to Victory. In addition to interviews with the players involved, the focus will be on the decisive moves that have helped the respective region to victory.  

Added value for the tournament participants  
Before the tournament, Mercedes-Benz - in cooperation with Riot Games - designed an exclusive jacket for the tournament participants. These were sent to all the participants who will display the jacket on the tournament days. "Following the successful launch of our partnership at the 2020 Worlds, we are also actively involved in shaping the All-Star Event of League of Legends," said Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz AG. "The quiz about the Mercedes-Benz Hextech Chests was very well received by the global League of Legends community. By creative activations, we want to remain in dialogue with Esports fans around the world and inspire them with enthusiasm for our brand at the All-Star Event." Mercedes-Benz also presents the broadcast segment "Icons of the League," which showcases professional players from the various regions and brings them closer to the fans at home.